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She Has Such Motivation, Drive To Face Her Demons(food,weight)!

For four seasons, viewers watched Ruby Gettinger shed more than 350 pounds from her pe... Her incredible weight-loss journey was documented by the Style Network on the reality show ...

We have a lot of readers who are Ruby fans and are always wondering what she’s been up to and are curious about where she’s at in her weight-loss journey. My BF Georgia’s sweet mom Ann became sicker and we lost sweet Ann, and less than a month later, my BF Jeff lost his daddy. I will be doing a new podcast in a couple of weeks to finish up answering some of these questions for you.

During all this, I had two months to move out of my home and find another place to rent. July hit me hard; Foxy became sick and within 48 hours of giving her mouth to mouth and fighting as hard as I could to keep her alive, my baby of 16.5 years died. In July and August, I will be interviewing several people about their personal stories, triumphs, transformations, etc …

Ruby is such a sweetheart and has been so publicly open about her struggles with losing weight and keeping it off—her honesty is truly refreshing!

Then, come back in six months to see their progress. Jeff and Jim said: “I am obsessed with and that I am online doing my investigation.I want to do a Ruby walk, check your blood pressure, diabetes screenings, etc., so y’all can have results. Once I think I’ve learned not to do it, there I go again believing or buying into the next quick fix! My advice to myself and y’all is to eat healthy, walk, ride your bike, find something you love to do. It helps your blood flow, keeps your joints from stiffness or swelling, it helps with stress.Also, we would focus on healthy eating and cooking! There are several things people do not know about me.If you would like to share your story, please send it here.Yes, we are still meeting several productions and networks about developing a new show, maybe on TV or going digital.