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My top 5 complimented fragrance for sure (invictus aqua, prada l'homme, rasasi, CAHSEE are my other ones) On a side note, if you wear fragrances that suits you, it compliments you as a person and you will receive compliments.It's a shame what they have done to the original but me personally I can finally rest with my LNDH 2009-2010 vintage hunt. I like cardamom but there is a little too much of it here for my nose...It will last me a life time since I'm using all of them sparingly and storing them in a dark cool environment.For dates I won't use the 2010 because I'll be already in close quarters so no need and the other ones that I have get the job done for that kind of situation. Original and first RE-formulation are really close.Longevity and projections are on par with previous versions, but the whole scent is not the same than before." people crying about poorer performance go check out raiders of the lost scent blogpost. It is the best replacement of this, from the niche perfumery. I just purchased a 100 ML and 60 ML 2010 batch: 0BAF. And I paid regular retail price no absurd pricing that you find on e Bay.

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Cannot comment on 2014-2015 because I do not own those but should be same.

I get 3 hours of projection with 2011,12,13 LNDH I might pick up the Zara's interpretation of this fragrance just to see how it is.

2011 to 2015 is the same thing which is first reformulation. 2012 is not stronger than 2014 or 2015 is not worse than 2011 like many say.

I don't club anymore though lol Projection (2010 batch) I'm getting 4-5 hours solid stays on my skin for 12 hour.

(I don't have dry skin) I've tested and studied this fragrance for a couple years now.