The miz and maryse dating 2016

She helped him beat Zack Ryder in the Intercontinental Championship, and he has been flying high ever since. The Miz has won the WWE World, Intercontinental, Tag Team, and United States Championships – multiple times.

That being said, Maryse is also a champion, with two WWE Diva Championship titles under her belt.

He’s nailed the most unforgettable catchphrases in wrestling commentary, and proved that the job takes a lot of talent.The fact that both of them are champions is a testament to the power couple that they are.Although most fights televised today are pretty ruthless, nothing compares to this iconic gem.Not only do they have to be fit like a professional athlete, but they have to be able to act like an actor as well.Equipped with a team of writers who work together to create crazy story lines, wrestlers generally have a prepared …When two big names are going head to head in the ring, you can expect a big turnout.