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URI DNSBLs were created when it was determined that much spam made it past spam filters during that short time frame between the first use of a spam-sending IP address and the point where that sending IP address was first listed on major sending-IP-based DNSBLs.

One of the first was Alan Brown's Open Relay Behavior-modification System (ORBS).However, many observers believe the attacks are perpetrated by spammers in order to interfere with the DNSBLs' operation or hound them into shutting down.In August 2003, the firm Osirusoft, an operator of several DNSBLs including one based on the SPEWS data set, shut down its lists after suffering weeks of near-continuous attack.In 2003, a number of DNSBLs came under denial-of-service attacks (DOS).Since no party has admitted to these attacks nor been discovered responsible, their purpose is a matter of speculation.