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Mike Lawrence's book on March says that 16 703 F3 cars were built.

I have tried to identify them but only come up with 14.

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Chris, Unfortunately amongst what I have there are no separate lists for any of the Atlantic/FB models, other than the 705s. The Walkinshaw car does not seem to have run after mid August, just about when both Spitzley and Mac Donald appear so I guess one of these would be Walkinshaw's. ( P Bloore 713S) By the end of October Hurst is also out in a 713M so this makes 10 entered for 24 Oct Brands.(Hunt, Mc Inerney, Hurst, Williamson, Bisignano, Bond, Goss, Spitzley, Riley.

The copies concentrate on F1, F2 and F3 (and there are significant gaps in these) - no sports cars either. Macdonald) You have one for Eifeland and certainly there are occaisionl entries for German drivers over the course of the year including a Dietmar Floehr who was a dna at Brands 24 Oct.

Used by Nick Crossley early 73 I thought that Hurst took over the Bisignano car. Richard, F1R show a few chassis numbers in 19 They show Bev Bond in -10 at Oulton Park on 20/8/71 and Spiztley in -11 at Mallory Park on 29/5/72.

Note that even in mid-1970 March had already started rebuilding "written-off" frames/tubs (see 703-1 above). Chris, Don't thank me, thank some lonely sole keeping records at Bicester when all around him were wheeling/dealing/fiddling! One was almost certainly the ex Hunt car but what of the other? 713M By early September there seem to have been 10, maybe 11 cars active On the weekend of 12th per F1R Fact Book - At Crystal Palace (most also at Brands next day) - Hunt, Mc Inerney, Williamson, Walkinshaw (dna), Bisignano, Spitzley, Goss, Mac Donald, Riley.

The problem is there are large gaps in the copies I have (all 1972, most Atlantic cars) and the level of detail/format of the records varies........Brise's 733 was 21 (in this case only 13 of the 26 chassis built are identified by customer). Bond was entered at Brands but dna but he raced on both the preceding and subsequent weekends.

Less engine 12/3/71 No colour 6 AM71-13 Eifelland Less Engine 19/3/71 No colour 7 No No. The Dave Morgan 713 was 713S-1, used in F3 and Atlantic, then on to Mike Wilds in 72 and early season 73.

Eifelland with Engine 29/3/71 No colour 8 AM71-16 Eifelland with engine 5/4/71 ? Eifelland/Hannelore (Werner) No date White 2 AM71-7 Mc Intosh-Reid 16/2/71 Blue 3 No No. Last known user [by me] Mark Pritchard in F4 in 1976.