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Pessimal added the land of Aceria note From the Latatian acer meaning leaf of the maple tree , which is Canada with all the knobs turned Up to Eleven.In his autobiography, Chris Jericho mentions during his run as a heel in WCW, he d play up his Canadian-ness heavily, including putting strong emphasis on certain words to sound more Canadian, such as the ain part of again.Anglophone Canadians all speak with a stereotyped West/Central Canadian English accent, putting eh at the end of questions or affirmations, and prominently raising the ou in aboot every word containing it. He also seems to have a kind of reactionary attitude towards the Federation, much the way some Canadian nationalists and jingoists have towards American influences..

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You will be able to use the Cam Pilot feature which gives you full control over zoom, pan, and tilt.

Wolverine of the X-Men was their first Canadian member, and very proudly so, though he hardly advertises the fact.

One time, the foreign language given to them to fake and translate was Canadian.

note Except of course, Canadarm, ATI, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Arrow.

Two members of the original Blue Öyster Cult, the Boucher brothers, are from so far upstate New York as to be from Quebec.