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* Support studies that translate these basic discoveries into promising personalized treatments and services ready to be evaluated in pilot studies.

* Foster opportunities for clinical testing of promising treatments, individual services and public health programs, with an emphasis on serving underserved communities at home and abroad.

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“We want see the decade ahead delivering personalized therapies and services that meet the needs of people across the autism spectrum and the life span, says Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Thomas Frazier.

The federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) will hold its next quarterly meeting on Oct 24, from 9 to 5 Eastern, at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and via live webcast.

The full-day meeting is open to the public and includes a public comment period. Learn how research on epigenetically regulated genes provides insights into autism’s gene/environment interactions. On March 13, Mark Zylka, of the University of North Carolina Neuroscience Center, described his research using genetic analysis to gain insights into environmental risk factors for autism, with a panel discussion and comment period led by Valerie Hu, of George Washington University, with time allotted for audience questions. 22nd, Donna Murray, Autism Speaks vice president for clinical programs and head of our Autism Treatment Network, hosted a Facebook Live chat, answering questions related to "Improving healthcare for people on the autism spectrum." You can view the archived webchat below or by clickinghere.

They lord over a student’s mind constantly, and require more than a little bit of “social and emotional learning”–they require emotion at the core.

But in western education–being the purveyors of both ambition and science that we are — we’ve tried a more analytical route, attempting to decode how learning happens (and the human genome as well, not ironically).