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Next, rate your favorite directors, your favorite movies, post notes to your wall and follow people from all over the world or in your region to see what’s playing at the local art house theater.Jump into the forums where you’ll engage in discussions like “Cinema that redefines narrative,” “Kurosawa vs.Some movie fans set a goal to watch everything on a particular list of films, like the Best Picture nominees, the IMDb Top 250 or any of the AFI 100 inventories.With i Check Movies, just check off the movies you’ve watched and it will automatically track your progress on a variety of these indexes all at once.But instead of badges, you earn stickers with every checkin.Some stickers will give you the opportunity to win prizes, but most are simply a great way to show your geeky pride to the people that follow you.But with, you can also recommend a movie to a single user, a group of users or the community at-large.All of this activity is grouped together as part of the site’s Chatter, a Pinterest-like graphical presentation of everything users are doing.

Most of the short subjects are free, longer films are available for a one-time rental fee of 99 cents to .99, or for unlimited access to the entire catalog, it’s only .99 a month.And because you don't have to send a friend request, you can follow anyone in order to check out the latest movies they've seen, lists they've created and reviews they've written.Just add your own two cents to one of the ubiquitous comment boxes and get the conversation rolling.Shakespeare,” and “Nihilistic Cinema.” Some of these conversations are so deep it’s like a film class in a box.If you're an aspiring filmmaker yourself, check out the Garage to connect with other auteurs who can help you make your cinematic dreams come true.