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Here, for £14.95, was the first genuine 3D home-computer game.

You could navigate a Cobra Mk III spaceship through eight galaxies, upgrading your ship using money earnt from trading, while defending yourself against “space pirates” determined to shoot you down. I was constantly replaying bits of the game in my head: the space stations, the hyperspace, the combat.

The Godfather, though, when I’m ushered into his office, is sporting chunky, comfortable shoes and a sensible haircut that looks very similar to the one he had when he first found cult fame in the Eighties. ” In 1984, he and Bell were told to quell their youthful enthusiasm.

Players also had more autonomy – including moral autonomy – than ever before.

They could either plod along trading in legitimate goods, or try drug and slave running for high-risk, high returns.

Today, Braben is widely regarded as the “Godfather of Gaming”.

Before his contribution to the field, players were having to make-do with Chucky Egg – whizz around collecting eggs, avoid the ostrich-like monsters – and Frak – move a caveman around obstacles and kill monsters with a toy yo-yo.