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It sometimes lags a little bit behind the absolute latest release, but Debian GIS provides a solid integration environment for a giant slug of Open Source GIS software.

The Enterprise Linux GIS (ELGIS) repository provides up to date packages of Map Server and related OSGeo tools for Enterprise Linux and derivatives, that is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Cent OS and Scientific Linux.

MS4W includes several flavors of Map Script (PHP, C#, Python, Java), and additional dlls for Oracle support.

Several popular Web applications are also available for download, which are pre-configured for MS4W.

OSGeo4W is a binary distribution of a broad set of Open Source geospatial software for Win32 environments (Windows XP, Vista, etc).

OSGeo4W includes GDAL/OGR, GRASS, Map Server, Open EV, u Dig, as well as many other packages (about 70 as of summer 2008).

On May 31, 2017 the press conference of the RKF Board was held in Selenga hall of the World Trade Centre Moscow. Aleksandr Inshakov, RKF President, and RKF Board members took part in this event.

The representatives of leading mass media, TV channels, cynological print media attended the press conference.

The org project is a big virtual cluster of timeservers providing reliable easy to use NTP service for millions of clients.Because of the large number of users we are in need of more servers.If you have a server with a static IP address always available on the internet, please consider adding it to the system.A collection of Open Source GIS tools provided by Frank Warmerdam.This goes beyond your basic web mapping tools and include many useful utilities for creating, manipulating, and serving geo-spatial data. Debian GIS provides a number of packages including Map Server, Post GIS, GDAL, QGIS, and GEOS.