Dating love notes

Most importantly, young people are encouraged to step outside themselves to look more deeply at the consequences of unplanned pregnancy for children.

By placing the child at center stage in the activities, participants see the consequences of sliding into unplanned pregnancy (a first or a second), and the “relationship turbulence” that often accompanies it, through the eyes of a child.

While focusing heavily on healthy relationship concepts and skill building, Love Notes v2.0 (2012) incorporates significant content on sexual decision-making, medically accurate STI and pregnancy prevention, pacing of relationships, and planning for choices.

As such, it represents a unique approach to pregnancy prevention and meets the National Sexuality Education Standards.

These activities are meant to serve as conversation starters, while conveying the core concepts and offering talking points to the mentor adult.

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In-depth relationship education provides a positive and proactive way to address IPV by equipping young people with knowledge, skills, and a vision to move what they want – not just away from what’s harmful.Adapted from the acclaimed PREP® program for adults, these skills are critical for all relationships—work, school, peers, couple, and co-parenting.Love Notes offers a fresh, complementary approach to IPV prevention.Ami Bera An important part of dating is communicating.We communicate by sharing our thoughts, ideas, and feelings.