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Netanyahu's history book is missing all these chapters..more.The Crusades delivered Jerusalem to the Christians in 1099, with a slaughter of Muslims and Jews alike.The birth horoscope is a schematic that will also interact with important planetary cycles promising fertile springs and/or harsh winters. Positioned in the eighth house of the horoscope – traditionally associated with death and other people's property.

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This aspect, due to its polarity, brings matters to a 'face-off' as it concludes the waxing part of the cycle.

As is common to colonialist custom, nobody asked the natives - 90% of whom were Palestinian. Netanyahu's incredulous claim that Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years is not only blatantly dishonest, but shows scant respect for the last two millennia, its people and its customs.

Now to the planetary cycles, so well describing these developments.

It came with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction again in Taurus.

The Jupiter Saturn cycle is an outstanding guide to Middle East politics of the 21st century as the US/Israeli/Western combination asserts its dominance over the Middle East.