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taoheedoriloye: So you mean your mom shouldn't enjoy herself because she married? your dad is outdated and is good for her to have a taste on young guys so that she will not age mom is smart audacious and quality woman , tell her to put in more effort! If she wants sexual satisfaction, then file for a divorce!So cos the man does it, then she should engage in it too. Yelabechi, their marriage seem to have hit rock bottom, so to avoid shame through illicit affairs, let her kukuma file for a divorce and biko don't stop her again cos you sef don see sey konji don hold the woman.There are so many cases like that whom i may not be able to say much on to avoid long story.As I write this now, he has been out of the house for the past one month living with a girl of about 24. Mummy wanted to leave the marriage, you told her not to.8.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / My Mother Is Seeing Other Men (63460 Views) South African Man With 4 Wives Who Wants Other Men To Be Polygamous (Pics) / 4 Signs Your Wife Is Sleeping With Other Men / Man Figuring Out How To Carry His Wife Up Like Other Men Did (pics) (1) (2) (3) (4) I am a guy of 34 and I'm married with 2kids.I have been going through my mom's phone for a while now and things I see on it are too bad.

She is independent and has a good job, and according to her there is no sexual relationship between them again. All that "who will want you after 3kids" threat, na for women wey no know wassup. You better allow event to take care of itself, confronting you mother is exposing yourself to fury of a woman who has been in dejection.This will open a popup window were you are able to purchase token packs.Various payment methods are supported like: Paypal, Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/...), Wire transfer, …. Just click ‘start private show’ in the chatroom, this will give you a summary of how many tokens this private show will cost you.She has been having sexchats with 3 different men, I am most certain she has met and had sex with one of them. My dad has never been the very responsible type, a chronic womanizer and he was always hurting her because she loved him to the extreme.There had been cases where she was even arrested by the police from one of his side chicks who he sponsored through school till she graduated, also a time he brought another one home who engaged in fight with my mom and nothing was done by my dad.